Your pet is special, a member of the family, and merits the best of care. CHEZ PUP ...and Kitty is Pennsylvania's premier, professional pet caregiver. Your CHEZ PUP representative will provide your pet with the love and care that they deserve and at the same time, give you the peace of mind that you want while you're away.

When hiring a professional pet sitter, take the time for an interview and have your questions ready ahead of time. Check the pet sitter's references before allowing them to enter your home and care for your pet. Better yet, click on our Advice tab for some of the questions you may want to ask of a potential sitter.

At CHEZ PUP, we provide you with all the information you need to make an informed, responsible and confident decision. You will be provided with references and insurance information, as well as general information pertinent to your type of pet. You will also receive a client form, which we ask you to complete for CHEZ PUP ...and Kitty's records. This form provides us with your contact information as well as that of your veterinarian. We also ask that you list any medical or behavioral issues and/or special needs or requests. We ask for all of this information so that your pet is safe and cared for in a way that satisfies you and addresses the needs of your pet.

CHEZ PUP ...and Kitty is owned and operated by Larissa Cahill, a full-time professional pet sitter who is dedicated to loving and caring for your pet in such a way as to minimize the impact of separation. As an animal lover, Larissa has a fur baby zoo of her own (Jack, Peanut, Sasha, Mia, Lily and Calla) and understands the wants and needs of owners and pets alike.

If you are looking to provide a caring, healthy and loving experience for your pet, please consider CHEZ PUP as your pet-sitting provider.

                          MISSION STATEMENT
“To insure each individual client is comforted in knowing their pet is safe, secure and cared for in every way possible”.